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Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Training course in Kalyan-Param Computer Education.

VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications. It is a combination of the Microsoft's event-driven programming language Visual Basic with Microsoft Office Applications such as Microsoft Excel.

VBA enables you to automate various activities in Excel like generating reports, preparing charts & graphs, doing calculations, etc. This automation activity is also often referred as Macro.

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

Duration: 1 Months

Learning Objectives ul> Introduction to VBA How VBA works with Excel
  • Working with the Visual Basic Editor
  • Introducing the EXCEL Object model
  • VBA sub and Function Procedures
  • Using the Excel Macro recorder
Programming Concepts
  • Essential Language elements
  • Working with range objects
  • Using VBA and Worksheet functions
  • Controlling program flow and making decision
  • Automatic procedures and events
  • Error handling techniques
  • VBA programming examples
Communicating with your users
  • Simple dialog box
  • Userform basics
  • Using userform control
  • User form techniques and tricks
  • Accessing your macro using user interface