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Web Master- HTML5|Dreamweaver|PHP|Asp.Net MVC5|Web Technology|Classes and Training Institute in Kalyan|Param Computer Education

A webmaster certificate program typically introduces students to Web authoring, teaching skills in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Web design, accessibility and cascading style sheets (CSS). Coursework might include an introduction to Web authoring tools, such as Dreamweaver . Students are introduced to programming languages, such as PHP Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP), application service provider (ASP). Along with programing, Designing is also included in this course. To give attractive look to web site in aesthetic point of view, some designing applications are included, like Photoshop and CorelDraw.

Duration: 12 Months

Fundamentals of Designs: Learn all the fundamental elements and concepts that make a true graphics professional- viz. color theory, laws of Design, Visualization, Lay outing, Elements of Drawing, Color Separation.

Visual and Picture Editing (Photoshop) : Learn the art of retouching the images, Scanning images, Collages, Splash screen, Artistic Backgrounds, photographic output for print, Basic GIF Animation.

Print Specialization (Corel-draw): Learn to draw, Layout, Designing, Graphics. Learn the art of color separation with handy tools, Supporting application, web features and publishing to PDF or Print output.

HTML : Introduction to HTML, Concept of Tags, Basic HTML Tags Introduction, Viewing Code as Output ,Font Tag Properties and Style Tags ,Using Image Tag and Properties, Displaying Marquee Effect to Text and Image, Applying Lists in HTML, Creating Table using Tags, Applying Internal andExternal Hyperlinks to Text and Images, Using mail to attribute ,Image Maps ,Working with Frames, Linking Frames and Using Target Attribute ,Inline Frame ,HTML Entities, Abbreviations and Citations ,Adding Sound and Video to Webpage ,Creating HTML Forms Introduction to HTML 5 Introduction, New Elements, Semantics, Migration, Canvas, Google Maps

Graphical Interface HTML Page Editor (Adobe Dreamweaver): Learn to develop web site on graphical interface. Dreamweaver is a web editor in which you can create HTML, CSS, Java Script, XML, ASP Java Script, ASP VBScript, ASP.net c#, ASP.net VB, JSP and PHP pages. 

Bootstrap (developing responsive, mobile-first web sites):: You will learn - Grid layout,Typography,Responsive Tables and Images, Buttons and dropdowns, Pagination, Panels, Collapse, Tabpanel, Navigation, Forms, Carousel,

JavaScript: Introduction to JavaScript, JavaScript Statements, Use of variables and Operators, Conditional Constructs, Looping Constructs, Events, Exception handling Techniques, JavaScript Objects (String, date, array, math),Validations , Cookies, Session Management, use of DOM.

VBScript :Introduction to VBScript, VBScript Statements,Use of variables and Operators,Conditional Constructs, Looping Constructs, Events, Exception handling Techniques,VBScript Objects (String, date, array, math),Validations ,Cookies, Session Management, use of DOM.

jQuery: Introduction, Syntax, Selectors, Events, Effects (Show, Hide, Animate, Stop etc.), jQuery HTML,

XML: Introduction to XML, Structure of XML Document, Creating XML Schema, Use Attributes in XML Schema, need of XML Namespace, Reuse of XML Schema, Components Creating Group of Elements and attributes, How to Use CSS in XML, How to Use XSLT, Conditional Formatting, XPath Pattern, Documents and DTDs, PCDATA, Converting XML document to HTML, DOM Object.

PHP :Introducing PHP,PHP Language Basics ,Decisions and Loops, Strings, Arrays, Functions, Objects ,Handling HTML Forms with PHP , Preserving State With Query Strings, Cookies, and Sessions , Working with Files and Directories , Introducing Databases and SQL,Retrieving Data from MySQL with PHP, Manipulating MySQL Data with PHP, Making Your Job Easier with PEAR String Matching with Regular Expressions, Working with XML,

ASP.net :Introduction to ASP.NET 4, Microsoft .NET Framework, ASP.net Life Cycle, Web Application Development Process, Features of ASP.NET,Build a Simple Web Application, ASP.NetWeb Site Structure, ASPX Page Structure, ASP.NET Objects, Request and Response,Difference between HTML Controls and Server Controls, Types of Web Server Controls,   Post back model, User Interface with HTML Controls and Web server Controls, Validation Controls , Master Page, Content Page, nested Master Page, View State, Control State, Application object and Session Object, Type of Session state, Global.asax , Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Web Navigation, The Sitemap File, Dynamic Menu, TreeView, User Controls.

ADO.NET : ADO.NET Object Model, How to Create Connections, Data Binding Technique, Filter the data to display the selected Controls, Understand and Work in Connected & Disconnected Environment, Difference between Connected & Disconnected Environment, ,Retrieve and store large binary data. Bulk Copy Operations, SQL Notifications, Local Transaction and Distributed Transactions, Read, Write, Validate, and modify XML Data Using XML Classes, Read Write Operations of XML using DOM Object, Work with Dataset, Tables,and Crystal reports.

LINQ : Operators, implementations,LINQ to objects, XML, ADO.NET, Query syntax ASP.NET Ajax: Introduction AJAX, Using ASP.Net AJAX, Web Services and Page methods in AJAX websites.

Data Caching : Different Ways to Cache Data in asp.net Web applications ,Output Caching, Caching with Data Source Controls, Programmatic Caching

Security in ASP.NET 4 Web Site : Introducing security, introducing the login Controls

JQuery : Introduction to JQuery, JQuery syntax, modifying DOM with JQuery, effect with Jquery, Jquery and extensibility.

ASP.NET with MVC 5 : ASP.NET MVC, Model-View-Controller Design Pattern, Routing, Controllers, Models, Views, Razor Syntax, HTML, Helpers, Using AJAX and jQuery with ASP.NET MVC